Somerset, KY Obituaries. Preserving Their Memory.

We Recognize The Value of Life.

It Is Truly A Gift From God.

Many Wonderful Things Can Be Accomplished During One’s Life.

So Much Influence and Comfort Can Be Given To Others During One’s Life.

So Much Love Can Be Shared.

It Is Fitting That A Place Be Set Aside Which Honors The Life And Shares The Memory Of Those Who Have Meant So Much To Their Loved Ones.

We are Privileged To Provide A Special Place Honoring Special People.

Bro. William Hatfield

October 1, 1930 – December 1, 1999

Karen Dee Alton Cogdill

February 25, 1965 – January 22, 2006 

Rickey Duane Alton

May 13, 1962 – June 15, 1980

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